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A dish popular across the Middle East, Kebabs are originally from Turkey. They consist of ground meat or seafood, fruits, and vegetables in some cases and are cooked on a skewer with a big fire underneath, just like a barbeque on the grill. It is cooked with various accompanying ingredients including garlic, black pepper, and vegetable oil. Mutton or lambs are generally the traditional meats used in kebabs. Other recipes include beef, goat, fish, and chicken as well. This dish has a perfect blend of taste, ranging from tangy to spicy, making it one of the best dishes in the world.


Food Ingredients

Vegetables - 100 gVegetable oil - 1 LMeat - 500 g

Food Nutritions

Calories - 200 gCalcium - 325 mgVitamin A - 12 mgVitamin D - 9 mg

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